Water fountain in Bath town centreBath, Somerset, England
  .  Two things I associate with Bath after having visited it a few times, the vertical slopes and the Roman architecture. Bath indoor markets Roman church in Bath town centre Roman architecture in Bath The Park and Ride is at the top of the hill, and it is a good idea to make use of this facility to get down to the town and back, specially if you have done a bit of shopping in between. There is a very quaint indoor market which has all these fantastic goodies to captivate the famished.



There is a hot spring feeding the Roman Baths. These baths are no longer functional and are now simply tourist attractionsRoman Bath. It is interesting to see here that the Roman conquerors have managed to blend in with the local culture and called this after the pagan God of hot springs in these parts, Aquae Sulis.  The whole town in built from Bath stone, which only exists in quarries around this part of the world, giving the buildings their distinctive look.


If you have the time, do visit a few other places around Bath, which are also worth seeing. Wookey Hole is a cave with some spectacular stalagmitesWookey Hole, looking pretty serene under the dim lights along the passages. Worthy of mention is also Street, another small nearby town in Somerset which has factory outlets for Clarks shoes. You can pick up your favourite designer goods for half the usual high street prices here.