Guildford clockGuildford, Surrey, England

.Well I suppose I am a bit biased to say this is my favourite town, as this was my University town. I know it well, from the hills I had to climb in order to get back to Campus, to the old cobbled stone high street. Guildford is a place for the well to do, and the state of the town and the price of the houses around the town reflects this.

The University itself is at the top of the hill, and is the one University in Europe to have its own Satellite and tracking station. Surrey University CathedralSurrey University is rather engineering oriented, but does have good reputation for turning out employable graduates. It does this by making the four year sandwich course with an industrial placement mandatory. The University has its own Cathedral, which is the hosting venue for the Graduation Ceremony, but for those undergrads who stay in the Halls of residence lining the foot of the Cathedral, the thing they probably most remember is the deafening bell chimes on the Sunday morning to wake them up from the heavy hangover.Surrey University Campus

Back to the town now, the High Street slopes upwards as you go along it towards the Guildhall. Cars are not allowed here, and as a result, there are street entertainment and people turning out to enjoy them too Street entertainers in Guildford.

Just behind the High Street is Guildford Castle Guildford Castle

Catch a train on the Farnham line to a station called Farncombe, then ask the locals for direction to "The Ram". This Cider House is well frequented by the Surrey undergrad squads. If you can start from the "Hand Grenade", past the "Kamikaze" and graduate all the way to a "GBH" without keeling over, you will earn  yourself a place in the Ram's history, as well as the degree certificate. My old Tutor used to sing folk songs there to entertain the punters at the weekend sometimes, I guess he is part of the unforgettable atmosphere of this place too.