Padstow HarbourPadstow, Cornwall, England
  .  Padstow is situated close to the seven bays of Cornwall, which are extremely popular with surfers. The town itself is right at the bottom of a slope. The town is made famous by celebrity Chef Rick Stein, who has a restaurant down by the waterfront (and a few other shops in town too) . If you intend to sample his culinary ingenuity, make sure you book well in advance, months in advance in fact. It is worth trying the dish Fruits de Mer Fruits de Mar dish at the Seafood Restaurant

Hire a bicycle down near the Lobster nurseries and follow the Camel trail along the estuary to Wadebridge. The path itself is roughly 5 miles each way, so it is manageable even by younger children. The view is spectacular and the path itself is flat all the way, Camel trail between Padstow and Wadebridge so you can simply rely on momentum to get you to the other end.

The seven bays themselves are made for surfing Treyarnon Bay, with clean sandy beaches and plenty of rock pools to keep everyone entertained A rock pool full of mussels. The tide starts from way out in the morning and ends up covering most of the land recess by the evening, so a lot of the water in trapped into streams connecting the rock pools when the tide eventually goes out again. Looking for crabs ? no problem .