Weymouth waterfrontWeymouth, Dorset, England
  .  Hidden long the coastline of Dorset is the gem of Weymouth, a fantastic seaside town with the best sandy beach around. Weymouth has no through road, so you have to be going to Weymouth in order to end up there. The sand here is so fine and clean, it blows into your hair like powder. The water is shallow for miles away from the shore and only goes up to your waist even if you venture way way out. Weymouth shallow beach

There are nice seafood stalls along the seafront too, serving everything from jellied eel to musselsHigh season in Weymouth. But do not forget to try the dressed crab with Tabasco sauce, a must for sea food connoisseurs.

Weymouth can be rather busy in the high seasons, specially with tourists swarming the place when the weather is fine. So if you want to break away from the crowd and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet, there is a hidden gem just outside of Weymouth awaiting to be discovered. About ten minutes drive away is Portland, a linked island from Weymouth. Before you get to Portland, make sure you look right all the time, or you will miss the most spectacular beach of all, Chesil BeachChesil Beach. Chesil is rather different to Weymouth in that it is a pebble beach rather than sandy, but boy is it clean ! If you just want to completely leave the rat race of London behind and absorb the blend of sea air and the most beautiful music nature can offer, then make sure you go down to Chesil Beach and sit next to the waterline. Now close your eyes and listen to the sound of the water lapping against the millions of pebbles every time the waves come in. If this is not the best and sweetest music you ever heard, then write me a complaint on a postcard. Eat your heart out, Jean Michel Jarre !

Just before you get to Chesil Beach, there is an immediate right turn which will take you to the best Oyster Farm in Dorset Oyster Farm next to Chesil Beach. You can try out at least seven different Oyster dishes, and best of all, you can see where they come from, just behind the hut itself. However, do check before you set out, if this is one of your goals, as the oysters hatch for certain months in the year, so they will be off the menu in these months.